WOUND contains specially formulated, synergistically acting combinations of Neem oil and St. John’s Wort oil and is used for the treatment of small and large/deep acute and chronic wounds, as well as skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders. WOUND is 100% natural and preservative-free.

WOUND is safe for babies and children aged from one month old.

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WOUND is an all-in-one wound healing product, specially formulated from a synergistically acting combination of Neem Oil, St. John’s Wort Oil and Olive Oil.​

WOUND is suitable for the self-treatment of abrasions, cuts, burns, non-healing wounds and skin defects associated with different types of skin disorders.

WOUND is a 100% natural, preservative-free product enabling a non-toxic, painless non-touch application.

WOUND is now approved for children.