We experience wounds from birth until the end of our life. Kaspar falls from his bike and skins his knee. His sister Jasmine burns her hand because she touched the hot stove. Their grandmother has an insufficient blood supply and therefore needs a compression bandage on her leg in order for her wound to heal. And Jasmine’s dog was bit by another dog last week.​

Acute and Chronic Wounds


Wounds are typically divided into acute and chronic wounds.


Acute wounds are mostly caused by injuries, burns or as a result of a surgical intervention and heal within 2-3 weeks. This natural healing process (referred to as „physiological wound healing“) is the body’s capability to heal a wound naturally without complications.


Chronic wounds don’t heal in 2-3 weeks because certain factors lead to a delay in healing. Typical factors are i.e. vascular or skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, drugs or constant outside pressure to the skin.

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